* a dusi/e-chap kollektiv, year two.

a bodyfeel lexicon. (queen/bozek)  dimestore operetta say. (bowen)  developing poetic ideas. (chirot)
   time space repetition. (armentrout)  vie et pli. (giovenale)  afar buzzing stars. (scappettone)
ekphrastic celebrity I (daly) props of henwifery. (sprague) digress into residency. (berridge)
laced with forethought. (murphy)   postcard of the. (tate)  I posit no. (fieled)
erratogenic paraparasitic postpoem
. (goodland)  erotic false consciousness. (ward) first swifts come. (schaeppi)
will be waxing. (art)   &lipstick&moss&bodice. (carignan) flamenco pierced her. (tabios)
a citizen I. (snyder) engirth, discorrupt, linger. (workman) correspondence, obscure, reveal. (fletcher)
enhanced ego-interference patterning. (orange) fairly clear the. (boyer) telephone as intermediary. (hunter)
vista of verdancy
. (stengel)  pale blue twilight. (phipps) (an historical site) magi.
little decisions thrumming. (boykoff)  writing records eden. (farr) production of hormones. (marcacci)
our crops far-flung. (sand)    going not gone. (hofer) informed by light. (compton)  my embroidery she. (abulhassan)
ruby large enow. (gardner) composition as process. (hayes) like you tiger-shock. (smith)
  distance presence print. (pusateri)    certain fields escape. (muench/allegrezza) fragile engines flashing. (detorie)
the great desire. (nakayasu)
behold a glimmering. (quimba) splendid drifts of. (kunz)
salt, line, obedience.
(cox/cox-farr) eyes glass hands. (lamoureux)
template, some vicissitude. (mauro)    little red song-book. (newman)  imagistic kinetic dizzy.  (stamatakis)
  a need for. (behm-steinberg)   gaga futurism pales. (cooper)   a lavish spectacle. (deming)
him, wings adjacent. (heide) hands half face. (king)   presently be said. (stempleman) known as "we". (nelligan)
underground I go. (graham)    adorn honour bright. (mangold)  paced awning graces. (klinger)
  courting in earnest. (spahr)  grew inside we. (madison) a running plotline. (janssen)

poetry as currency Sir,-
ISSN 1661-6685
8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


(vol. 2 no. 3)