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Dusie welcomes you!

Dusie is an online poetry journal featuring the work of emerging as well as established poets from around the world. Dusie features what can  only loosely be defined as modern or experimental poetics on a somewhat bi-annual basis.

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Billy: Despite my identification with feminism & women’s poetry, I’ve never had a female mentor. (Insert sound effect: bullet whizzing by.)

The Kid: Though I’ll gladly listen to yours, I don’t care much for anything other than first-hand experiences. (Insert sound effect: women screaming & the faint click of spurs.)

We are Billy, & the Kid. We are editing Dusie’s Fall 2016 issue with this theme: Mentorship & Collaboration.

We invite your first-hand collaborative experiences, with this premise: what happens when a mentor-mentee pair go rogue, abandon their assigned roles, & make together? We are interested in process as much as product & we want to know how you reformulate an ostensibly hierarchical relationships into something that is mutualized, reciprocal, give & take—or even inside out, backwards, upside down, like Billy, & The Kid.

In our own experience, pirating assumptions about apprenticeship & mastery involves collaborative outlaw science fiction sonnets, an ecofeminist investigation into water politics, the myth of apocalypse, pop culture, the legacy of the Wild West, how we open and close our days, the aesthetics of David Bowie, & the ecology of a relationship.

This is how we move from advice and instruction to a shared sense of bewilderment, answering questions with questions, & forging a precipice in place of solution.

Think Robinson Crusoe & Friday, Don Quixote & Sancho Panza, Fox Mulder & Dana Scully. Who, for example, is your Dana Scully & what happens if you let her take the lead?

We encourage deviant, unclassified, & outlaw submissions of work that, quite frankly, we believe shouldn’t be called work. In addition to the collaborative creative product, please include a collaborative biography & short project statement. We would be delighted to receive visual, audio, illustrative, collaged & other non-linguistic evidence of your collaborative crime scene.

In the spirit of pirating assumptions, we encourage you to think generously about what you consider “creative, ” & how you express that creative viability in your everyday pursuits—whether those be as a cyclocross racer, a poet, a chef, a geologist, or a maker.

Emily Carr directs the Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing at OSU-Cascades, where it is our mandate to wish higher, fail faster, & be wilder. Emily writes murder mysteries that turn into love poems that are sometimes (by her McSweeney's editors, for example) called divorce poems. Regardless, she is most interested in experiment, with heart. Laura Winberry is an OSU-Cascades MFA alumni, poet, and professional cyclocross racer. She’s been picking her outfit out on the way to the party since 1984. Together we are Billy, & The Kid. Our mission: to get messy, & make some mistakes. Performances of our collaborative outlaw science fiction sonnet sequence have been held, by invitation, at TEDX Bend and Caldera Arts & generally involve plastic flowers, glo-in-the-dark gummy worms, potting soil, & a healthy dose of serious whimsy.

You can get on Laura’s Glam Train by teleporting to this page. & you can have an Emergency of Feeling with Emily right here, in her Lyric Laboratory.

Submission Deadline: July 20, 2016

Submission instructions
Please your submission as a single file, if possible, in doc or pdf format, to thekidandbilly@gmail.com. Name your file like this, (& please include all collaborator’s last names): “LastNamesTitle”

A complete submission includes: your creative work, your process statement, your bio’s (200ish words for the collaborative team), & a short cover letter.

The length is negotiable but, if you’re going over 10 pages, you should ask yourself why because that’s what we will be asking ourselves. Please submit images as jpegs, tiffs or pdfs at least 300 dpi resolution. The number is also negotiable but, if you’ve got more than 10, you should ask yourself why because that’s what we will be asking ourselves. Please submit audio as .wav or .mpeg & video as .mov, .mp4, or .avi. Gif’s are also welcome.

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*If you would like to contact the editor or propose a future issue of Dusie, please write the editor here: dusiepoetics@gmail.com