3 from Cornstarch Figurine


angelfood operator: field full in the moon

too big a house, too many children -- homelife a pastry riddled with ants, allegorical forms: slippery silent never roof, almost ursuline nuns. that echo was answered 40 years ago now, he said, this woman moved into the shadowed motherlode where she first experienced bears, outside, that is, of the tales of her european youth. a defiance wrecked on waves of trash, banging daughters and sons of pioneers to the landshore, grown tall and handsome, weak and grim, the sliding glass, the eaves, garden and the patio, the dump up above town, bent against history, highway and mountainface, sky, river, or the stupid antique. black, brown, and golden these years and their tiny faces, heavy limbs wonder camper. and when the wagoner, the wolf came courting. behind the altar, thieving, thieving. creamy-faced doors beckon, they told the knapsack'd serving girl: deepest apostle nooks began to wash and scrape, do anything, keep down to the barn companion. wild apples and wildflowers. lupine bottle of coke. have another drink and eat it all up.

for Sarah Anne Cox

Tics of the day:
regards, mime, average age
arrived along the archives handful of us--
begin a focus for appreciating the
attempting note on style--
that be "crowded pastels"? 
about "my my"?  you hold my sorrow
mirrors & turn off the
name, generous next in the dancing probably
things off for
letting us know a tongue into the thorns, be glad if you could

World-famous in London

adapting center gangs of girls
double map as if they aloof
have made him modern...

...repellant, washed up, beautiful
predator; most efficient encounter pious - no longer the size of Volkswagens, and such oceanic birds from the hobby store, just look at it funny, as a last-ditch species, grizzled & garrulous, old-style stories, mistrust carved northern, but soon I heard a world of signposts; the ribbon of red earth I took grow[n] poorer, beneath a full moon, drinking tea. Some benign hardship, recent death, cheap labor. The department gave me money to build a nursery; drums create indentured servants, logging firms, here people, groupies, this golden age, other drugs being dealt among the tombstones.

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elizabeth treadwell's fifth book, Cornstarch Figurine, will be published this year by Dusie Press. She lives with her husband & young daughter in Oakland CA where she is working on a manuscript titled Birds & Fancies.