Jacques Tati the Fallen

trees shoot up
like green moods
in the difficult symphonic tomorrow

the ridiculous autograph
the republic grown out of the horn
with early golden tone

the wonderfulness of wonderfalls
words for a witch
a pitch-black watch

back to the auditions after stew
with their blend of not-long-ago false consciousness
reminding me that yes it is in fact June

hark now the sailors call to the ships
I see you ploughed over
hold thy water it stinks

I must foregather with the bunch to raise a fund
juggle work fun child child
fun child school child

using the brilliant excuse that I am ignorant
and the popular one
be elected president

I must be gone and my song is done
for see so blurred is my sight
fare thee well & thus the hero died

The Ideal Village

sailing to Ithaca
by the 20th century

thy navy spreads her canvas wings
across to Africa

sweet pretty place
I’m sure

it was a time of peace
and great wealth

catfish outside the restaurant
were chasing ducks around

a mirrored pond
delicate dim light

through this ideally neat
and pretty village

it was not pretty
but rather dirty and ugly

oh were I a heliotrope I would
play poet and blow

whole hotbeds in their works
a strange quiet poet

who went with his gun
to shoot ducks on the millpond

such a man is at peace and creates
but I am just another

you make me glad
I’m just a poet and a cop

The Hot Element

far outstrips mobility
and is moved in a wild state
only to a slighter degree in the whole business

the shop fronts stand empty
and all the people are mass-building
whence the careworn musician acquires a number of apricots

which always seem to show
no clinical signs until
the dog begins bleeding for some reason

obliging the guardian
to use up surplus revenue
in repairing smaller sums known as bots

whence liquid flows
from severed stem
and has a membranous eyelid

full of dust
a handful of dust
a brazier burning gunk dust

the derelict black roads
pocketing any surplus it might provide
or taking his uncle’s place

“this is a very strange tale
this is rather a wild tale my man”
even as across prosodic fives

cattle allowed to run half wild
do better still
for they are as wild as grocers in London

even as good language
is a form of human reason
and has its reasons

Why I Am Not a Forest Ranger

I am an exception to the rule, not a forest ranger. I have a belief that my father served in a forest ranger school in Florida and was always “all over blue mold.” I want to run and shout and say “scientists are curious, but I am not showing curiosity.” Now you can clearly see why I am not employed. I call the said garden mine because I own it (for only I suppose this is why I am loath to talk about how much my moods consume me). I’m not going off the pill. Basically, I didn’t realize how stupid it was saying “Ma’am, I am a forest ranger and I am lost.” This is why I am not terribly in favor of lithography. I wonder why I am here in China right now at this moment. A nice, vivid reminder to myself of why I am spending all my free time dressed as a birdwatcher: I love watching birds.

The first fact to face is that Unix was developed with a forest ranger and with a group of people in which some included “Forest Ranger” and “Timelord.” Not only is the communication efficient, it is virtually error-free. Sometimes the lab equipment does not need to be purchased. The police officer did not want to report that I am retired forest ranger in 1945. I had to retire prematurely as I was leary of telling many of your gay sisters and brothers that the real grace of the cross comes through a native species that did not become non-native. They were not bad-ass assassins like people think but rather forest rangers. There is not an historical location referring to the culture. I’m semi-depressed but am trying to keep my chin up. That’s why I am asking. I was just saying that this explains why I am getting so many contacts from America coming for example in the sentence: “Lamont never would of bit a forest ranger.”

To a millionaire: “You know why I am a good actor, mister? Because I am a failure in the forest.” I can only imagine that it was not luxurious enough. Not so much as a parking ticket shows up until December in forest biology. This also encourages lateral growth that increases lashes thick enough to rate their own forest ranger. I batted my eyes at the forest ranger and explained that I was a good kisser and that’s probably why I am sometimes referred to that road of games, for I believed with all my heart that I could be a forest ranger, an astronaut. This is why I am disgusted by the BSA’s policy towards homosexuals. I might not like the idea of two women but by God I am not going Colorado arsonist all my life. This is why I am not a slave to society as most of you are.

This man sees the immediate trees, sees the fire. I am choosing blindness. It will be interesting to me. I will be understanding why I am learning what I am learning. Forest ranger living on the side of a mountain, you might find out why I am the way I am! Know that the sole reason why I am here today is to provide Joe with a paycheck, to take botany so I can be a forest ranger. “I am interested in purchasing all items related to Wyoming at one time. Can you help me? Sincerely, Mary ‘Forest Ranger’ Shortly.” I think you will understand why I am been trying forest ranger hat. Get not riding my bike, but posting. I guess that is why it seems that some people in Uganda are not too happy at the sight and not just as a forest ranger in a forest ranger pickup truck going with this hard time. This exact situation is why I am so disappointed. Seven days in the hospital and still do not know what happened to me or why I am here. All this is very interesting to me as I need to advance. This is not going to be easy.

k. silem mohammad  is the author of Deer Head Nation (Tougher Disguises, 2003), A Thousand Devils (Combo Books, 2004), and Breathalyzer (Edge Books, 2006).  He maintains the poetry and poetics blog {lime tree}