l a r s p a l m


on stealing lips


conscious fish fry.

web woven with a seamstress’ skill.

from or to.

far wider.


more musings.

at long last.

moving the couch about.

synch with his finances.

but now.


for the unholy Grail.


qualified for erasure.

brought on by the sun.

that it must be done now.

of another play starring a frog.

she started laughing.

investigations came.

pondered alternate routes of action.


left for later.


birds fly, mostly upside down.

but fall short.

gick la bard con ears open.

first-aid kits.

may well be.


wondered at the wanderers.


you see it through glass.

& get amused at the result.

I tend to try verse.

coup-makers recuperate.

sides of things.

oceans & the like.

to strike up conversation with a bike.


less sheep drawing dogs.

is for those others.

the sun said so.

shakes the balcony.

of books or people.

set of values.

crux  made for another biscuit.

because duplicate vacated.

is potential rhyme.


through you.

they took on other aliases.

in that sentence.

sense we are senseless.

behind some bush.

water on the cheek.

or what you may.

the school of fish saw their marbles drift.

twisted receiver.

water everywhere.


while she did.

a vengeance.

oratory crosses.

because they couldn’t spell.

on the verge of being.

for what if not that.

they were heard.

they were also herded.


fit for lifting shops.

so thin & fragile.

they get by quite well.

move an angry inch to the left.

replaces nightlight.

for dropkicks.

soft you can only stare.

and yet, and yet.

he opted to get lost again.


drunken moose.

woven into a wall.

to someone or other.


gets shot at.

for the sheriff.

I took off.

ain’t gonna.


he stoppled to the ground.

that image.

house objected to being objectified.


turned to god & was surprised.

the past tension.

saved for lunch.

they sing another long ballad.



but – for – you.

left language.

is another issue.

claimed for his own.

when up close.

at stands on the beach.

night light seeps into your ears.


a poem was born of a child.

the nonetheless.

looks both ways before crossing the road.

they can be easily navigated.

who you are.

we went to get.

put into place.

heard & presumably tasted.

the trees the forest forgets.


parent procures a patent.

the top of the building.

then sparkles.

when then now.

plans are made next week.

on adrenaline.

from a deficit.


surgeons surge.

above an armoured truck.

Source text:
Sheila E. Murphy   Sentences Finished on the Other’s Lips (www.fauxpress.com/e, 2000)

larspalm is the author of two forthcoming chapbooks; on stealing lips from Martian Press and Houston from Furniture Press. Some more poems can be found in Rust Buckle, Ars Interpres, and canwehaveourballback?. Sometimes he rambles at mischievoice.




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