g r e g o r y v i n c e n t s t  t h o m a s i n o


in a now or in a not
each so

To resuppose or say. 
seeing doubtful into once

and for.
And whenning.

once and ever so
and doubtful into say

to say or resuppose each so
and whenning

Labor Day

is for
and louder than our own

among and above all the steps
in order to

are needed, see

in that fashion
to part company

increased and further drawn
to give,

and say no more

or cannot go
to let or do or say

are ramp
and see and at an end

a fold or band
the tuft and wear

«±  ±»

gregoryvincentstthomasino lives in New York City where he edits the online journal, eratio postmodern poetry. His poetry and prose have appeared online at The Argotist Online, Nthposition, Shampoo, Typo, In Posse Review and at Softblow and in print in Barrow Street, jubilat, The Germ and in Xcp: Cross-Cultural Poetics.




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