m a r k l a m o u r e u x

from Astrometry Organon


Corona & nepenthe-
it          this silence belies; up in
your throat the god
hovers—silver beads
an adumbration:
hematite & gooseflesh
mother swallows
even things
            you can’t see, goes
on swallowing.

This runner
never bends or halts,
looks deep
into the bulletwound,
the door leading to
climes where the sugar
ghosts go. She’s
dark stone,
            a pestle
for pounding vapid powders
that swing the spine
to meet

the humid eidolon
            of the court of blemishes::
soon you go,
latent all your tears
& shed blood are
her lips—black
sun queen
of the waveform or
polluted cranium, mercury
her sweat &
roseate her womb
expelling not light
but heat & motion &


Glides toroid     darkness
            seen through
darkness,            iris
            bitumous            silent
carpet    obsidian bereft
            execrable sapphire Orphic
cinders               honorable
pitchblende         cipher lady
            inexorable              climate::

dismal moors & lodestone scripture
            dry dogs, lemurs, lepers::

uranium saints, she goes by way
            of the blood     she’ll be driving 7
sallow chargers:: the oceans clot

the barrows open:: mantis
            lips or pitcher-plant split all flies
rejoice:: the serpent & the scepter rise to
            the spectre queen
            the most high most abject
            is born in birthless vacuum::

Phoebus’ bitch come
            to bring him home


Fearless on my breath

Most fearful mirror

Reflected, the split flesh

Of a purple-black pepper

Ruptured the skin curls

Most faithful mirror

The night folds &

I am sad & sad & sad


The sternum bow, vector
                chakrah, the
saturnine siphon's
                anathema. My
archer fish—flipper baby:
                                you go naked
into this very night,
                orgone glower or bioluminous
maleficent benefactor beat

a diaphragm drum, leopard demon made
a paw-pad thunder there,
hunter of the starving one's

peristalsis sharpshooter,
a divine rupture just
one kind spectre who
is the bull-
roarer's shriek, an other
                shuddering ablation, the amoeba's
ecstasy, no lonely
fire your doublebacked steed goes
adamant into cosmic
rain. The nested letters of the Word:
                anesthesia, staid
groaner's a string of sticky pearls
in the crane's mane:                      panacea
                singer, you wielder
                                of that same sight gag
                reflex which is



A butterfly in a myth of ownership
a grimy semblance of virility. Trismegistos,
barterer of ether, a charmed
navigator. Meet the masses with a chrome smile,
a jar of air, never reckoned, the one
who speaks in grunts is mounted
by new gods. Icebreaker

in a sea of flailing products,
the grim countenance
lifts the lance,
he goes into the west where the baubles
are, throngs
with shadow spines, his nectar
              the scorn of

Lonely stutterer with a serial
text of numbered screams,
luminous Braille of the city &
the corners of the city
where are written the names
of strangers in alien colors.
Books of debris & lost alcoves.

A thinker is a metal spirit
alight on the magnetic fields
of the towers of gas & science:
naked bulb in a bouquet
of electrodes,
shifter on the nifty roads cut
in the city’s snow, the girly
wings of planes glyphs
in the morass above & below
the bubble of sea level. Ambassador
to fish & birds.

This is the marble sex of downtime,
noble children sucking on sparks;
the funnel to heaven a map
of arms & hearts. Speaker-
to-suns swaddled in the living
plastic of a shrinking age.

Brothers & sisters lift the tarp
of forty years: buck born
underneath & the parts that
will upturn, do.

A cradle of channels &
tunnels, a pit of wine
unfolds under the grey
skin of circumstance, the pulses
of trains reach as those
sparks toward those unseen
ferns of origin & original procreation.

We are gnats under the wanton walls
loosed in this land & though
a gnat is a ghost
we wear lost bearings as a dark glow
under our eyes. Nimwits
steal our time, growlers
gnawing on the mutton of their own
arms. His lesson, our hero, the shining
knife on a gnat’s head.

This is the last form, a golem
of societies & a scripture
of fetishes & meanings.
The tickertape woven to our bones
nears the million permutations
of his names:

Odysseus of the parched lips,
gallant Cupid with the id’s bow,
parchment wrested from faders:
Hermes, Wilhelm & all
the rest, wounded caveats
of origin.
A wanderer’s wholesome thighs, dirty
archers are stripped of serendipity.

Invoke the legion with the language
of the dumping grounds, the primers
of swinging limbs, jackknifed
skin stacked up against
              the glowering zero
              of obsolescence.

She who makes the tapestry
of the lion’s mane & the lion’s
breath, Trismegistos & your
shoulders of tears anoint the silvery
antennae of the crux of man,
mother flaneur, father of modern
madness & future tense.
              We creep through
the sporadic leavings of a gone time,
the million tongues
a flowering rod lifted
              over the ingots
              of misprision.

Our task a formidable lowing
in the belly of matter,
Teacher, you were always
a rabbit’s foot attached to a rabbit.


Worsted betters
   & a tendency towards
     trendsetting wounds

      River giraffes
      & learned falcons

Receive transitional grace
     like firecoals

Plasma loaded furrowing
     clouds for
& clouded ultimatums

Hold my mind
    while I
      whack the moles
«±   ±»

marklamoureux lives in Astoria, New York.  His work may be found online at Big Bridge, Sonaweb, Shampoo Poetry, The Verse Magazine Weblog, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Gutcult and his translation of Gérard de Nerval's "Les Chimeres" at Fascicle. He is the author of 3 chapbooks: Film Poems (Katalanché Press), 29 Cheeseburgers  (Pressed Wafer) and City/Temple (Ugly Ducking Presse).    




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