hair *
is your wan hopes to knot
this ginger * while geraniums ? . . . gem
at the conch’s curl to rim
the ear’s attentive
arabesque . . . a
star *
which seeps its
scent : sweet
to bud
a * jewel * a
burnished gleam
which mirror-mounts
my face
up * up
into the iris’ eye
immobile * idol of stone waters
in which silent * narcissus
(cerulean) stares : an I
in miniature *
a you


climbing up
yesterday’s winter
ringed with hopes
and the ever-present snows
adorata * an odour of lilacs
(remember that) and the pine
black jagged * zip grin
into yesterday’s panorama
(the mountains)
in a montage * rustling
showing how the horse * really runs
how the wings beat and how
the moth flattens * exhausted
in a ring round the valley
lilac * and silent . . .
but O look ! * the stars
are coming out * let’s
count them
one . . . no not the mountains !
the stars * you fool * the stars

 love poem 48


this sea- *
side be the same in-
side my mind ? while I lay
dreaming * of you and make you
finer than a fair dream lost
or idol unperceived ?
my * rose * my
blooming : looming
lights * of the distant land
where the wind at the walls' base
shakes the dry stone . . . (rulers over-
thrown) these the long-off * lights
of your yet invisible image :
ever with me * beloved
dense darkness proof
of your
pure power *
potential possessed
your ideal state : as in
your absence * presence
more : this blank sea a satiate
space * this lifeless void :


«±  ±»

nicholas manning is a Paris-based poet who graduated from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia with a BA in Comparative Literature and French. He was the recipient of a scholarship to the Ecole normale supérieure. He is currently working towards a PhD dissertation on the subject of rhetoric in contemporary French and American Poetry. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in: Free Verse, Fascicle, MiPOesias, eratio, Stylus, Aught, Shampoo, Manifold, The Rose &Thorn, Blue Fifth Review, CipherJournal, Fire, Centoria and Imago.