How Much Longer Shall I Be Able To Inhibit The Divine

Pillbox leaders
Seen reeking
Via motorcade or pompadour

Integrally to parlay our rough lenders
Who traverse with brittle songbooks
Hurling rapid parakeets

It has come to my attention that the worst
Course now is offered
With special chump sensing interface

To distend by reverent overkill
Under the charred traffic timers
Without squawking at the piecemeal

Deranged by bondsmen, with their awesome spoons
While motorcades now are
Still with tea

& We see the blinding oceanside
Which drowns, in a flurry
Of protected extroverts

Just as one sees daylight
Come crashing down
Actively as glass

At any one time, we could yet suspend
Until the will of the straddler comes crashing down
After seeing what one should not sneeze at

To throb with brittle replicas
& Prophylactics full of rapid songbooks
Grown mad with dull support

What torches makeup by reflection?—
Dizzy, rapid criterion

Objects In Mirror Are Not As Sharp As They Appear
for Murat Nemet-Nejat

Reagan’s body was ghosted
20 years too late

                            Sun’s image burned
In the retina

                                       While we glaze

On greater ramps

The bottom line is always

                              An history

We’re still outside of

Though nothing is particularly
Outside or inside

The image switches

Like Nancy Reagan’s stemcell eyeliner

To count all the way up to
    [Number of dead in
    El Salvador, circa ‘84]

What’s far away is still conscripted

                  Lose your base, & lose

Your soul

To create this image
Alongside its senses

The sexual transmission of entire neighborhoods

Housewives intermittently

                  It continues to
                  Evade reflection

Embodied while we wait

Fasten) seat belts (pleading

Useless energies which

To release image from its
Stolen object—

Looks past <self> in mirror

Down into quicksilver

(This poem’s smuggled
Between mirrors

Conscious of—
& Conscious of its

Pose— the viewer
Implicit in

The form—
& Form, complicit in
Its viewer—

Or forms, contorted
To environs

Concentric while we wake—

Though you have read
Enough, & been

Thinking is a surcharge

Lets the love come

Alive, & I
Too, am fed

To create this image alongside

Delicately what was

Implied, along with view or viewer—

Stakes of permanent


Reason democratizes its blast

The wall settles early

We strike

A landscape, on the preceding

Its guncastles & toy boats—

An irritant
A spectacle

What you see through lens

Is not the picture

Welles knew this
Eisenstein knew

(Spoken by Plato in a dream)

3.                  (after Spicer
“Concentric focus of the ordinary bystander”

I cannot
Admit to
Hitting it


Sun’s image, seared
Into retina

Waits for history

To blink—

¹Sequences con. Ant import has thought this.

Prevalent Headers

Opened jettison to scram
Like they’d shaved Cheney’s brain
Some, but still not all of
Same, well-hidden like some colors
(Rockers) prebrightened to
Align, jump to page, imitate
Or instigate, misstatement of bodily
Fluids, pumping benders unconventionally fluent

In bright personal accounts YOUR TOKENS’
As pulsing emblems, kids
Waving flag warmers
The purple rich behind the door
With oxygenated capital facesitters
Become lifted, therefore pumping
Mortified by rakelight

Up the jillions, through sodomized
Benders leaning up the plush
Retracting now to spare, or spire
Its tangoed news hour, its parasite double headers
Bemused by witless sickling
To incite pithy
Where the frantic was captive
Slash paradigm to dimestore surveillance crush

Where I still don’t ride, by the city backslides
Through regnant upheavals mincing
Up great moments of dimestore connivance
Like those who can spell, or are outright forgers
Who whisper explete residentially as air
Embedding the historic crackup
To speed the diming oceanside
Where, flickering, we hid

«±  ±»

mark ducharme is the author of two poetry collections, _Infinity Subsections_ (Meeting Eyes Bindery, 2004) and _Cosmopolitan Tremble_ (Pavement Saw Press, 2002), as well as several chapbooks, including _The Crowd Poems_, due later this year from Potato Clock Editions.  His poetry and poetics essays have appeared widely, and are recent or forthcoming in American Book Review, Big Bridge, Gutcult, Jacket, New Review of Literature, Shiny, Traverse and elsewhere.