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Issue Six: An Isles Reader
Dusie is now just over two years old! And within that time much has taken place.

To date Dusie has published over 180 authors in the first five issues alone, and now add another __ from the newly turned out Issue Six: A Dusie Isles Reader and its soon to be published second annual *dusi/e-chap kollektiv.
This recent project was done in part as well as collectively with 64 poets.

I look forward to doing more dusi/e-chap kollektiv projects with both new as well as previously published Dusie poets in the future.

As editor, I am also quite pleased to announce Dusie's second bookbook venture in way of Logan Ryan Smith's, The Singers! Support Dusie and purchase a book today!

Want to stay involved with the latest Dusie happenings? Please check back often for news amd updates!

Also, please be sure to check out the Dusie Review Blog, which is for chapbooks, ebooks and bookbooks alike. Request a book to review, or do a write up of one of the easily assessible/ free e-chaps via Dusie to critcially review and publish on the Dusie blogsite.

*Unfortunately at this time Dusie is not reading unsolicited submissions.



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arro DUSIE D-I-Y PRINTABLES printable

What is a Dusie D-I-Y Printable?  A Dusie DIY printable refers to the printers edition of the said chapbook. While the pdf is typically modified into a correct linear read, the print version is available here as well. Why? Well, the benefit of the printable or printer-friendly version enables an easier printng process for the reader who prefers to read things on paper thus fascillitating the hands-on chapbook read. Those chaps with the pointing hand symbol besides them have this printable advantage. Dusie encourages as well as deems it more ecologicallyresponsible to first read the chapbook before deciding to  print it!

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ISSN 1661-6685

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