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Tender Girl: A Novel


The Experiments by Rachel May


SKY JOURNAL by Hassen Saker
Heard Animal by Vincent Zompa
&now my feet are maps by jenn mccreary
Virginia or the Mud-flap Girl by Elizabeth Treadwell
MANHATER by Danielle Pafunda
Roseate, Points of Gold by Laynie Browne
Three Geogaophies: A Milkmaid's Grimoire by Arielle Guy
The Contortions by Nicole Mauro
The Butterflies and the Burnings by Anne Blonstein
in the bird museum by Kristy Bowen
: ab ovo : by jenn mccreary
STRATA by Joe Ross
The Stunt Double in Winter by Robyn Art
The Singers and the Notes by Logan Ryan Smith
Cornstarch Figurine by Elizabeth Treadwell



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                                                                                              ISSN 1661-668