d  i  v  y  a  v  i  c  t  o  r

from exuviae

ament: what is meant by, a you falls severely near. awkward in capitals; comes bearing bracts and anise. I is axil: follow, a cluster of metalic triolet--- my dimunitive antipasti. the smallness   of a memory,    thus a benediction in subscript. known as such owing  to resemblance, as with a strapped vowel to another, coy: a thong connecting: glide of tongue.  all inflorescence raising larums: a petal by placenta bandage applied in V-shaped crossings, about a spine.




in  the  event   of   mercy,     the   oocyte   finds   itself
enthralled.     the    prospect     of     (tendril     around
vilborthite)       umbones     (et    id  genus   omne)     :
the  task  of  taking  off,  a  chorion cardigan,  a womb
frayed.   in  the  event  that  optical             compaloos
are    found    clipping    the   peripheral   beams,    the
edges   of   a   story  can  drown.    within   the   gaum
of  ‘before’   :   an   empery   clothed               in  slow
harvest,     craves     a    gnomon.   often   finding   her
memory   chewy,    she   places    herself    in  the third
person.   a   joint  can  not  articulate  sans ulna:   from
the      wrest     comes      wrist      et     cetera   desunt.
the  pancake  minions,   the   loss   of   contrast
and   the   dimming   of  the  oils  create  this drowning:
linear  is  so  like. what  is  it  to  share    a   spoon  and
undo   the milliene    ootid’s   shags.     what   is   it   to

age eight precedes vaccination and teats, the spelling
of c a t. this baking of the hilarious: buttons are pasted
& the egg bone’s connected to the trombone. erection:
small hands rest in the irrigation of a form spicate: this
is not a toy t h i s is not funny  a p o l o g i e s
I willnotaketheknife fromthekitchendrawerorfrom
a n y  o  t  h  e  r  recepteeecle.



while sunday morning  is   the cornerstone
of   misunderstandings :   a  Deo   et  Rege,
a calendar is a trope for something   tighter
than  skin.  there  is nothing  like   sleeping
in  a crowd   (the  ones in  simony markets)
to immobilize a limb,  maybe  treat  a  head-
c o l a n d e r. Sin apostrophe ferchrists a k
e s.  ante   meridiem,  hardly   daylight.   the
consonant     din,      such     moist   timony:
thurible, like spit into sand-ringlet.


take this gesture and eat it.
considering everything, you can not un-tuck anatomy.
this is my text: : et omnibus sanctis. among the thick
limbed, short trunked:: capsular flesh :: trinket for piety.
considering anything, anatomy is grammatical: you can suffer             
                                                                                               a descending colon.
                                                                       intestinal shedding : edit,
                                                                       an arm; auxiliary to amen,
                                                                       eking ascension, eventually.
noteworthy doxologies
regarding spleens,
casually sacramental: you
are among the gaum


besides  the  stench  of  pew  there  is  haha  in  breviary.     I
cannot  hello  the  azido  &  furthermore,  what do you     do

if   you    find    yourself   to    be   the   dikdik   in    a    poem.

alongside    such    ‘progedies’    is    the   worry   of   reverse

rejection:   graft   vs.  host  disease,   the   courage  of  an  un-

paired lampshade.

through a slit  made  in  the mid-line
of the back, the skin of the pupil
is left floating
on  a  tense  surface  of  liquid. at the age, candy is pornographic, t  r  u c u lent
with red-swollen L.
what swears by yesterday: ell him and O
warm-like. measure with a strand
of platelets any peripheral   curve  starting
from point ‘hurah’----
bene orasse est bene studuisse. in spite of
gooseberries, memory remains
vascular, as with muslin: sweat miching in holy
venation when caught sweaty palmed by n i n e t yodd outside.
             by ninetys o m e t h i n g, you can outdie a well tailored suit

DIVYA VICTOR works and learns at Temple University, Philadelphia. Coincidentally, she also lives in Philadelphia. Her work appears in ambit: journal of poetry and poetics, canwehaveourballback, and generator.