g  r  e  g  f  u  c  h  s

from  Rolling Papers

Bombs dropped this morning:
dumb bom
bs, smart bombs
dirty bombs, precision bombs
carpet bombs. Unprecise casualities.
Death brought to you by draft-
dodging business heads.
Sex toys not war games.
Strap-ons, fleshy large ones,
vibrating quick small ones.
Shower them on the white house.
Come ye, all god’s children.

No nonsense weapons inspectors
land inside Iraq today
begin diplomacy of show me
your weapons of mass destruction.
A suggests that Iraqi officials
rename them weapons of ass destruction
Try that on 60 Minutes, Frontline, Nightline,
Evening News. Iraqgate nether world
crooked financiers
erected menacing dictator we
re after.
National leader in Las Vegas
leading panel discussion on biological terrorism
convinced that Iraq has such bad weapons.
How do he know it
s not intelligent guess?
Louisville newspaper wrote that U.S.
sold the menacing dictator the agents
to make weapons of bio-destruction.
Atlanta branch of an Italian Bank
launders cluster bomb money for U.S.
military hardware supplier.
The weapon of mass destruction
flies a Colorado State flag.
Whistle whistle whistle whistle kaboom.
Funnelling desert cash shipping
cut out courier, black-ops in D.C. suburbs.
Nothing new in the arms game.
Speaks the democratic leader from Las Vegas
keynote speaker on bio-terrorism
inside Ceasar
s Palace.

Poppies bloom.
Fascism beauty,
beauty fascism.
response to uncritical
artwork assessment view
disengaged milieu.
Sanctioned torture
by special forces
in cycling tights
sunglasses rocket launchers.
Robert Fisk finds bits
of skull on floor.
Warlords return to power.
The poppies bloom.
Aircraft pours fire.
Poppies bloom.
Freelance dope suppliers
flush into new world.
Northern alliance
earn dollars, keep guns.
Poppies bloom.
The poppy field is beautiful.
Every color of a rainbow.

Indicted liars, smugglers,
pork barrelers develop
total information awareness system
magnetic tape into database
magnetic tape trail
of purchases, parking tickets,
library books, cocktails,
bullets, cat food, sex
magnetic tape trail
total information awareness system
barely a courageous senator
left in this nation
bring on the hackers
crashing the databases
total information awareness system.

Colorado four corners
silicon valley New Mexico
a go go Alabama
wham a lam Huntsville
more than a prison.
Rockets ratchets bombs away.
Rigged game bet you a dollar
I know where you got your shoes.
Boo hoo am boozled
suffering Reaganomic fallout.
Weapons of mass destruction
built in the sun belt, rust belt,
big sky no wonder
ex-Secretary of state
calls for presidential impeach
& this is no slimy cigar
s smoking gun
from the hand of Mr. Pouting
Mouse poison water,
astronomical numbers of state murders
sanctioned by his desk then & now,
pandemic war on poor,
or eradicate the weapons of mass
poverty. Mr. Top of the Line suit
average dinner entré $35.00
average bottle of wine $75.00.

GREG FUCHS is a photographer and writer who lives in NYC.