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7 from Birds & Fancies


after Alice Notley

my ancient credo
tossed round like decor


after the Duchess of Newcastle

within the house, kitchen boys
and scullery maids
collage the hooves, denatured
thoughts so variety rank in despair
a large body equipped
which not
have speech

historically, bovine or porcine
skin or bone
acid or base
extraction. approximately --
her theory liquid abuse --
suspected of plotting hospitality
consumed in some aspect of oral drug,
metric tons, and devices.

another five so dizzy armed us.
woodland lanced open to the bottom fragments
exhibit lot-to-lot furthermore.
route of your loyal willing.
the family’s coach.

neither did suffer the symptoms.
probably vaccines and biologics --
new punctuation --
typical of disappointed courtiers  --
composed of  softer, colder, moister
treatment with exterior,
remedy close to the house.

by making formal “legs,”
a masculine manner,
whatever her wonder rather
to be seen than told.

gelling or non-gelling gelatins.
distinct molecules

currently used

Buffalo 3000

17 times as high as the moon
being ladyless blows chunks
three literary combatants join forces with the ink bomb disposal:
the feminist lessons of regret, intolerance, &c --
overwork, and my unsubtle education in stability.
["Involvement rather than simple registration or the generations before." (Norma Cole)]
podunk & chico: archives fluidity, the golden-eyed....clairvoyant mack if you're a ladyless boy.
modblog -- random nursing: with over 100,000 vacant positions and a ever-growing need

daresay expires forward all the stuff naive or trivial.
More within one gendered I propose a possible topic, or something culture stages. don't know, plan to be there.

In the broken staring

after & for Philip Jenks

Eerie timing too. the passage and my if anything banging. say to moved and bed. when if tossed your bright signature. broken scribbles. filled perpetual flank. the timing was strange thank you. different from the book. the body and pace and time -- know this is a snippet. walls and mattress, slit under field. the song's collapse, decibels of want. the belly crafted cloth, in bushes, orbs, how intermittent. unfolds the fold, how how.


for Grammy

into the global anxiety box
we put cigarettes, gumdrops, & dust;

ice chips; birthstones;

glasses of water

vlur vain

out of the glittering homestead
notions of beauty so strict
she broke with the fairytale narration
spent it on elsewhere
all upon her analyzed dismissal
sinking strictly like a stone

the river is paved with them
in the crooks of our arms

Dinosaur Meat

shy gifty, I felt snubbed.

poetry's like a small dried sponge seeped in time,
tongued at leisure (in peril) at safety (in chains)

we press ourselves to the earth

elizabethtreadwell’s books include two poetry collections, Chantry and Lilyfoil + 3 (both 2004); a collection of stories and prose poems, Populace (1999); and a novel, Eleanor Ramsey: the Queen of Cups (1997). A new chapbook, mub or the false transgressive evangelista, is forthcoming from furniture press. For more information please see elizabethtreadwell.com.





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