kathryn l. pringle

[german sonnets for ted berrigan 2]

the underside along the PERIPHERY our selenium
there are infused being unwise: it is a quality you
hear EVEN so in it we all go how I and FORESIGHT
go. a tight KNOWING of facts found empirical this
function is here out of TONGUE [the waterfalls

where all langering furls from endorphins to WAR
right thinking arms adequate
what is to carry we FOrward? INHALE.
does not give in such a way buys
commodity CENSURE intrinsic

features allow tobacco peace –INFILTRATE
UPwards my men my women whom legitimate
diction the first writer your errand is large
foreshadow’s done. OR whom he the tight
wisdom asks of dares abwaltzing never ¬–the glutton.


ROLL underworn sullen whom right for task
is seeking –EINER gelatin craft unseen
head bulldozing a gear shifting   a hat
this nun dares under knowing we naught

and of them twice drunken deer grounds
these here unknowing hidden have here in
sincere language a shaft given away. we have
us here them next  moss we take on waiting
answers natural witchcraft closed getting

this, the nervous order of day in two forms


this, the nervous order of day in two forms
one exhaustion
two sympathetic
three dialogic
crossroad # 309.15A: ENTRANCE



the green in thine of I has it
broader terms: given / taken
the DREAM brings another
dungeon: gender: swing gender

there are only ever three : drei
functions of insult: early symb
olic bedtime hazing morning a
sapling empire disguised then

with INHALE makes dead is
counter correctwise we go our
duty of three sleeping the light
quite: sehr häufig Eindrücke


we straw characters of dreams, we
knows spontaneity     INTERCOURSE

three salvagers part the inhibition
tendons has lock / unsure : theory
speak faster spacious reproducer

time in vocabulary : actuary
ich schriebe natur:

we knows eggs crash from wearing



a man, for example divine, is undereye so taken this art of middle long
what is seen – permitted / that’s just TORN / broken muscle AND RIGHT
                                   NEW BIOLOGY
the study flees BEING also all the all knowing seekers assert the WE in
unscreaming first STATE have building seige and surge of zealotry und
erstood. the bearer of this notice practices THEOLOGY around but ACHING
with ABNORMALITY. we know unknowingnesss. the third probability.


our lungs our lungs, a lonesome
tin mechanism,  the water around

have this place KNOWLEDGEABLE
GRIEF : mention the oceans we which
in these words of an drunken embryo never
are in walking late, in demolition, in city

but rather in EINER frustration : a beautiful statue worn
muttering through action lustpended one through muscle
one through question of lonesome
PATHOLOGY a bleeding pantheon

a gift is the city and the setting of work
a gift of the foreherein Organism old also.

these phantasms spin
around, they drive
absurd universes


«±  ±»

kathryn l. pringle is a graduate of the MFA program at San Francisco State University. She has one chapbook: Temper and Felicity are Lovers out on TAXT. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in 14 hills, 42opus, alice blue poetry, commonweal, Denver Quarterly, ::sidebrow::, smalltown,  and Transfer. she was awarded the Academy of American Poets Harold Taylor College Prize in 2005.




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