bob maracacci

 rode forth
romantic gliss in starry night¹s abacus
       slender slide-rule and curved space
would the moon appear in your sky
     burnt swoon of some universe in the forgotten evolution
                                                         of impersonation
    your attempt to chide starlight and rise from the ash
          of celestial beginnings

       heavens with none of the orbs of reflection
         seeds and white buds of constellation
               intention to orbit miraculous horoscopic nodes
                 in the waning daze and wayward
                     dames of infatuation
                        a creation nightmare

            your temporary love of temporal nebula
           slave to the ventriloquist¹s trick
                conversing with a planet¹s interpretation
                                 of satellite
               the celestial horses
                born in a twilight and mistaken
                   lovely innumerable
    stationed in space and chastened to race satisfaction
             an idea of longing at length and given strength
               reincarnation           gravitational sensation
          in the sensory overseek           plying circumferences
           of angularity            astrologic spinet
           steely-eyed figure-head triangulating points
               shift-shaping              lycanthropic tropic
        curdling the relocation and demonstration of tides
           on the beach of inarticulation and phasing
                 feminization                 an island
              lost in your yonic phonic and friction
                                      speculating diction and the return
                of an ethereal tapestry

               voices at work in the hollow rock
                           that form
                      interplanetary plant and organic rant
                            feeding your universal feel
                                 your real wish

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bob maracacci is a San Francisco Bay Area native presently living and writing in Beijing,
China. Recent work has appeared or will soon appear in Andwerve, H_NGM_N, Issues, MiPoesias, Moria, and Otoliths. He also curates the International Literary Open Mic every Wednesday evening at The Bookworm in Beijing.




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