j i l l  m a g i

from ATLAS


on marble to run               hands          folds or false
holding hands     now paper skin        smudge                her
wheelchair         "just a repellant artifact"          the not slaying
body absorbs (morality) taste     repellant          a taste of art of
elegant proportions shortened limbs      distinction         "at least
I didn't' get there by         "          should be         limbs
should               defect (phocomelia syndrome) not male not
wearing male     not dead            in uni-              form
not wearing male there by slaying         to pass out Bibles


interlocking      s(t)ate                paralysis         conduit          
statue-look       swollen breasts  and belly         away    clay
fixed cast        caste    claw                yet whom shall     nesting
sets of waltz    just so so light    so liberty         ultimate limb
limb                oh there paired or solo              anthem a
posture           one two three one two              excise    off with
it or her a mother does this is done to               boy child or
fathered    feather sense feather slight             limb      lower
vocables erased with feather-touch    whom nerves  (untucked)


rescue net          knot        of recourse        question            cue the
dream                              to carry              perch                un
speak    pick up  dry lips                  sooth   which pills        pilled
pulled nubs         to cut or smooth                beneath a hollow of
ticking                recluse                   and skid                      I swoop
he hawks                         who presides                  oh! obey (ocular
proof) fallen well-nest                     who sings not rosy        turn turn
lift my rescue my reckless weight-free        lift-body             is not a
metaphor to move            to sleeve             oh would I        one two
three one two                                  three



jillmagi is the author of Threads, a hybrid work of text and images forthcoming in 2006 from Futurepoem Books, and the chapbook Cadastral Map, published by Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs. Her work has also appeared in The New Review of Literature, Aufgabe, Chain, Boog City, Pierogi Press, The Brooklyn Rail, Global City Review, and murmur and is forthcoming in Freehand.  Her visual work has been exhibited at The City College/City University of New York gallery, the 7th International Meeting of Visual Poetry, and the Brooklyn Working Artists Coalition group shows.  Jill edits Sona Books, a community-based chapbook press with a corresponding web-zine.  She teaches at The City College/CUNY Center for Worker Education, an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree program for working adults. 




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