b r i a n c a m p b e l l


Waters purl, silky over smooth stones.  A far flung echo curves out among undiscovered inlets. Contours of round sound flow out of mouth, forming a long bubble that snaps off and floats away on the wind.  Dandelion gone to seed, seeds leaping from the porous sphere. Landscape of a horse’s back and haunches. Moon setting over dunes.  Wisps of air through lips of a monk as he opens the shrine, breath humid round the folded slip of paper in his mouth. Stillness of plants. Through a microscope, tines and barbs of a feather:  but still a feather, floating, arcing, tipping in air.
«±  ±»

briancampbells first book, Guatemala and Other Poems, was published in 1994 by Window Press in Toronto.  His poetry has appeared in a number of reviews including Poetry Canada Review, New Canadian Review, Grain and The New Quarterly. Poetry is forthcoming in Prairie Fire.  Undressing the Night, a translation of selected poems of the Nicaraguan poet Francisco Santos, is soon to be published by Editorial Lunes, Costa Rica, read their collaborative poem with Allen Sutterfield here. 




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