jared hayes

for William Carlos Williams

“No ideas but in things.”


The Pot of Flowers

Flowers, flowers, flame, lamp, horn, petals, petal, petal, throat, petals, leaves, pot, rim, pot, moss.

The Farmer

Farmer, rain, fields, hands, pockets, head, wind, water, weeds, world, orchards, March, clouds, brushwood, wagonroad, artist, figure, farmer.

To Have Done Nothing

It, I, I, person, verb, everything, I, infinity, nothing.

The Eyeglasses

Candy, melon, flowers, edge, accent, farmer, shoulders, daughter, skin, clover, cinquefoil, it, eyeglasses, everything, mathematics, frame, celluloid, tortoiseshell, letter, man, magazine, linen, typewriter, July 1, 1922, eyeglasses, gold, earpieces, Titicaca.

The Right of Way

Mind, world, I, road, I, man, house, woman, man, face, boy, man, belly, watchchain, spectacle, word, I, I, wheels, car, road, I, girl, leg, rail, balcony.

Death the Barber

Death, barber, barber, me, hair, he, hair, death, quartz, lamp, men, teeth, cue, old man, door, sunshine, today, death.

The Red Wheelbarrow

Wheel, barrow, rain, water, chickens.

At the Ball Game

Crowd, ball, game, all, end, they, crowd, this, it, it, words, mother, it, it, it, it, day, day, this, faces, it, summer, it, solstice, crowd, crowd.

Young Sycamore

I, tree, trunk, pavement, gutter, water, air, branches, cocoons, twigs.

The Sun Bathers

Tramp, doorstep, wall, Nov. 1, 1933, man, army coat, yellow-house, window.

New England

Bedrooms, T beams, wire, cables, buildings, boy, rose, lintel, cap, picture, butt, girder, city, cock, iron, girders, rosepetal, chestnut, branches, air.


Cat, jamcloset, forefoot, pit, flowerpot.

On Gay Wallpaper

Ground, sun, sea, grass, flowers, baskets, roses, leaves, gold, roses, stems, basket, horns, ceiling, windows, day, curtains, rain.


Flowers, window, lavender, curtains, sunshine, glass, tray, glass, pitcher, tumbler, key, bed.

The Attic Which Is Desire

Tent, beams, day, street, soda, lights, pane.

This Is Just to Say

I, plums, icebox, you, breakfast, me.

The Sea-Elephant

Sea, sea-monster, sea-elephant, flesh, fish, April, leaves, flesh, sea, me, flesh, fish, fish, spittle, brine, eyes, sea, it, it, head, sailors, it, sea, it, wires, balls, I, I, sea, body, sea, water, head, cows, fish, spring, spring.


Dead, dog, potatoes, dead, bastard, bastard, dead, dead, dead, skin, head, chair, feet, acrobat, it, man, man, dead.

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