kerri sonnenberg

If I am your guest and you are a girl of two

how shape
adheres to shape
along the lake
a woman walking her
head balancing a box
and two parrots next
to lake shore drive
are we sure
the mayor's wife is really in-
to birds
you know green and blue
so much of the news
while drinking
out of fairy cups
I pour for you then
Europe colludes
in the flying we do
and don’t want to
imagine the air like your fairy queen
exempt from our sounds
(burps, half-words)
that fall out

Let’s go

let's go sister who teases
what money can      buy/not talk
    to me like that rumored ticket tuts relation
must cost the afterlife brought to you by
           Exelon     oh bless
bless the tourists so they go back
and tell of all the nice sneezing they did
the nicest place I know to wear a seatbelt
     now let me out
                           teasing sister

Would you politely move a spider?

how seriously I’m off to require
more access
more hours   dreamt we met  famously you
complete the mileage there   align saline
clouds off my aim   smell medical
I really don’t know how
a body removes timbres or gets up and stands still
Why I don’t    don’t I?   want
to work  I think
mustaches fluctuate in time
looked nothing like you
about art, fighting words

ledge: I think         we’re attached  
           I’m your    covering  matches

my breathing: Morton Feldman’s String Quartet (II) (1983)

What time is it there?

     neighbor moving   strangely
in her house   who needs that much   space slow sideways bending
                 why   we think with the earth
moves   makes it our                morning and
soccer's afternoon         finding
                                                             the channel we pass
someone doing the same      bending thing

I’ve got some sleeping chocolate

I've got some sleeping chocolate to
celebrate that so little I have done
      in the north/west/universe
is that where you learn everything?
      in the universe       incessantly 

«±  ±»

kerri sonnenberg lives in Chicago where she directs the monthly Discrete Reading Series at the Elastic Arts Space.  Her first book, The Mudra, came out in 2004 from Litmus Press. She is also author of the chapbook Practical Art Criticism (Bronze Skull, 2004). Other writings have recently appeared in Magazine Cypress, Factorial , and online at Unpleasant Event Schedule, Milk magazine and MiPoesias. She currently works in publishing and teaches community-based creative writing workshops.




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