raymond farr

The Middle Suffices: Texts One through Ten

                                       Text One.

As nodded as once the once became believable.
Torque density.
Interpretive risk factors fume the Twenty First century.
Millwrights towards evenings.

Context while evenings in tatters.

Enflamed withdrawals uttered whoop! whoop! of classical texts.
Texts reenvisioned.
Impact of congruent histories. Not believable side cars’ dissembling data.
                                                  Orbital’s antithetical.       
Long-jousting a discourse.

Not yet another.

A lot rides on Buick Regal.

                                       Text Two.

Transposed “soul’s” & “sole’s.”
Evidentiary solipsistic orchestra enlivens green buttes.

                  Like magic notes. So often was but not a how a womb a whom a whomever.

                                          Not fact-trail.

Trips taken.       Dangerous left turns oppose.

Efficiently.          Tokens.        Umlauts’ five upon five du jour-types.

                      Ohms upon.
                                                             “Ballad.”          And     A-sharp.

In the forests of five upon five.                             And     ampersand’s.
Fifth Column / rear guard.                     
                                                                    Twice-told yet unknowing.

                       Across poor cousin Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search
                                                                                  Of an Author.

                            Ore.          Bernsteins’s The Klupzy Girl.

                                       Text Three.

Faux-tree faux-line borders faux-edge of faux-space leading to space.

Information upon.
Stranger conventions.

Video-types summa non scripta in New Roman.
Is not actually.               A sentence.

                                                     Slowly one idyllic gambols.

The town.
& the middle.

                                       Text Four.

Eastern flocks malign felicitous industry here in cavernous Hopi-tropes, AZ.
Dedalus winnows the susurrus the seashore swiftly. Resonance pictures a golden photographed  beyond onerous definitions of “golden & resonance.”

A bluff is if “if is” is not a Xinjiang a chinquapin a blonde a pantheon infused with “paradigmatic.” Deranged OK? Poetry stranger than fiction defines singularity fragmentation by defining the sentence fragment: fragment entirely ad hoc utopian mansion or artistic breath to be succumbed.

Vastly a stupor. One rococco. One baroque.             The town & the middle suffice.
Law & Dramaturgy suffice.                                                       The middle is lopped.
Order suffices. Homogenous Oz posts bail seeking the meaning of allocthounous. Uprooted lichens maul the clairvoyant greenhouses & “I” & “you” awaken postmodernist-middle earth comma enlarged by semantics comma entailing arbitrary loci & language-connected systoles at boundaries defined by ethics comma Amerika comma animus comma et al period Or the humped bastard literarily fell body-length face-first into the sterile muck of warfare indicates.

The text’s thinking was.
John’s thinking was limited. “Area” vs. “arena.” Opus-Utopia harps thematic.
Aleuts of the middle appear greater than oxen & lower than truth-meted loggia. “Abandoned” is heaped upon “flamingos.”                                 Liquid shores.                  
                                                   An urge.
                    Impotence.          The sides.     Of decides a now.

                                       Text Five.

This sentence is posit that does not night.
& night drops dead finding evening.               Partially.

For it’s rope of evening that reminds ever of gauges.

& circumstance venal as when cutic-
lacks –le.

& to wander, cut. From skyline after skyline.
Towards fingertipped campaniles.                          & peeling words.
Dripping fire.
Fire bellows below. Utters perfectly. A like’s a

dancer while shrieking.                              RTF.       A length of.

Evening in tatters mentioned in Lit & blue by sunlit-seer.

But both us.

& us when we arrive.

                                       Text Six.

I scold anyold resonance in defiance.
& via the roof-league-utopia becomes topical under certain regimes.

Never lived a day anyway.
Or the chances it offered.

Between us ascrap of rain, beauty yet laughter.

& beauty yet laughter when bleeding.

& someone in the bluffs of skin tone wrecked the new standard.
Willfully in space to space to space they (or he or she) washed thrones.
In imitation of one’s (their or our) hungry land.
                                                    & hungering for land.
Shined up the nouns.        Victory makes the hardest man.
&once again.
Squint in its eye. (in their eye in your eye.)

Itself where language bends ad hoc.
The middle suffices.

                                       Text Seven.

Winter’s hourlong.                 & atolls manage guages designed by previous.
One flawed enflamed unguent potato holds up.                        Wordage.
Odd.          Upon stranger facts.
                                     I recall need-time two times exaggerated.
Colorful dialects.
Lack the wasn’t there at inception’s ruling.
But yes I know.
What you mean.

I mean quote unquote.
Perdition revises upon green buttes.       The pinned towards.

Everything evening in tatters.
The stoop beneath constellations helps a bit.      Gone as eastern flocks.
& rearranges.  Sweetly the Coltrane.
& the continent-contingent.

But “X” has its complexes.

Tongs & lunges & tongues.          Such riddles.

Overtly overdue plots.                             “A” like one conch.

& Twin Peaks on DVD.
Interrupts / interprets socially defined word play.            Among.

Elitist focus.

Moguls seceding the game.

                                       Text Eight.

This sentence posits. Emphatic-Piano.
This does not night. And night renegs.

“Posit’s” voice partially decade. Deadly partially only.
Particle-facses together. Part seme. Part prescience.
Trundle emotes “grope” vs. “ore” vs. “yawp.” Syntax
arrives impeded by “mule.” Skyline-finger-tip-text-campanile.
Forever it seems there’s a dancer pausing
in the shrieking. RTF. DVD. At length a pose.
Prosaic tabulature. Wafting blue tall sun jagged bird.
Axis. Axes. Us when sun arrives. Gaul. At length.
& at position, contingents form a consonant.

                                       Text Nine.

Winter’s atoll attempts six scrupulous jewels.
Already “antic’s” thematic. The odd pot,
olde potato controversy specifies “Huron.” Fowl unwinds. Rewords. Recontextualized.
Marginalia encrypts: I called a need a time.
Dreaming, cogent, Tender Buttons exactly once.
Venal harpist duels unmanaged pause while “soon” acts out “hiss” aloud.
Dodgers-glitches wander the chime chime chime,
flood buoy by flood buoy. In similar words.
Que is “torque” twisted round itself.
Lines bre-
ak. Prearranged modular man blogs gaunt ad libs while “sooner” poses.
Stylized causes catastrophic
showers upon imps. A gerund is a strang-
er looking up upon facts. Everything is every-
thing. Evening in tatters. Two indicates while two²³² power exaggerates. Recontextualized.
Plot & the middle suffice. “X” isn’t
the middle suffices when contin-
gent. Human & “postmodern” pause to exhume.
Twin Peaks arbitrates. A conch annotates. Prop. of.
Authentic DVD lacks technicolor. “Dawgs” & “allodial” annotate like blooms.
But quote perdition sucks unquote edits by revising.
Disguise risk factor, banter, colloquy, Po, weigela, & Idioms across mouths fail to mouth back while mouthing off.
On green buttes a pin oak’s an everything across min-
utes in colorful tatters. Ends up. I scold the priorities.
multi-UTOPIA never lied. Lived a day.
Or the one chance between us. Undo the stand, gauge the
Zippo. Manual quantity estranges. RTF is.

                                        Text Ten.

Betweenus ascrap ofrain. Beautyyet laughterwhen practicing oxbleeding.

Atpresent articulatesbluffs underskintones a spacetoaspace provides squint.

Interrupts denyingthebookofplasticized ovoids&landscapes escapevictory.
When space evades singularity of washingthe hardest (wo)man repeatedly.

                                         & squint in its eye returns.



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raymond farr  attended Florida State University. He now lives in Ocala, FL with his new puppy, Jasper. His most recent work may be viewed on line & in print at: Otoliths, Bird Dog, foam:e, Anemone Sidecar, Cab/Net, As-Is, BlazeVox2k6, & Sidebrow. He will have poetry published in Word/forWord in summer 2007.




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