anne boyer 


             Anne undoes the clip, pulling out the papers.
             Anne undoes another button.
             Anne undoes the social.

             One more button comes undone,
             and he treats them bad,
             and Anne undoes all the bad things he does.

             Once upon a time, undo Anne from the table
             and take her back to the bed.
             I watch as Anne undoes.

             I clearly see the dark blue veins under the skin
             as Anne undoes
             the slowly her mature girls engorged tits

             thumbs come into view.
             I clearly see the dark
             I want

             as Anne undoes her Station.
             Finish it
             as free pictures pornstar Anne undoes.

             I pull back the sheets and lay her
             on the buttons in front of her top.
             John had decided to join in

             and approached Anne undoing.
             Anne’s undoing his blouse but she just told him to relax
             and let her do all.

             Two themes of sisterly love and rivalry and women obeying
             Her and Henry's upending of law and religion

             After hearing a sound later I thought suddenly I had come to die. Anne undoes              the clip, sets aside the paper.  She looks at Anne around the corner numbered in              spare figures, and in grotesque silhouettes, and in telling him the events in                           connection with the arrest of the gentle Anne —
             Anne is the words of this passage: “long fingernails give rise to scandal.”

             To a cold corpse this was my farewell. My last words seemed to leap and quiver              not unlike a wild-cat in unkempt shagginess. Who had heard this was Anne as              she answered old as dirt ha ha ha?  Belly/no belly! Scruffy or clean-cut? She              shared this indomitableness of the whole to defy nature and die standing. 

             Seabloom, greaseabloom,
softly resembled a woodland creature. Peggy Lee

singing “You give me fever.”

             The relatives give her a doll. Things start falling. The young student feels himself              falling, falling as if he reads a pulp horror novel, and she pretends to be interested              and then engages in foreplay in which she pretends to be a sort of impersonal              interior contrasted against the heavy rain.

             Suddenly, there is a crash. In addition, there remains his lineage and his                           entitlement, but she could not move him by appearing unable to remember part of              her campaign. You wouldn't want to marry a wicked man, would you?
             But there are parents — several that I've seen — who don't want their kids. Two 
             different parties want it, so they make a copy and sell it to both. And when I  get 

the part where Anne pretends to sing the wedding song, and they break 
             She is not as yellow as celebrating geography is apparently not cheating. The              meme is to culture what the gene is to physics, mathematics, biology, and                           materials science, but eventually the pair must make choices about where they              belong.

             She has a yo-yo that she is spinning up and down but also points out negative              implications like barriers to entry. Later she tries to rid herself of her worst              affliction by dying her hair. Indeed, she looks forward to new subjects, but now              she thinks he might have been staring at her, so she agrees to the marriage.

             I remain very interested in the biology of rules of engagement.

             Anne looks at her watch.

             Most are geography. There is no creativity involved whatsoever.


             I've mainly stuck it on the map. Yet compelling as such knowledge would be, it's
             how the world might end: the site of the scaffolding that saw the end of the fight
             at the end of Anne –

             corresponding to the second bringing who told her she didn't know how to do it               then with a strong undoing of their embrace, pushed back his heavy arms.

             The end of Anne's sentence was wordless ecstasy and the little parlor robbery

             and everybody is doing super well only to go into eclipse for the next half



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anne boyer is the author of Anne Boyer’s Good Apocalypse (Effing, 2006), and The Romance of Happy Workers (Coffee House, forthcoming).   




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