Occluded leap of swamp mud

pulling chroma from shower

hubris at back of refrigerator

literal abstract curtain

bird’s nest with sliding scale

toothpick trailing steam

cinnabar sent to Chicago

stag antler and juice of fig

silhouette ripe on cave

free sample obligatory

carbon atoms flanked by hydrogen

Latin word petra percolated

visit of baroque Madonna

fiberglass foam laminate

degree in fluid dynamics

spaghetti dry guitar

excuse for today gathering dust

grace before sexual compliance

flesh with ambivalent tone

boat taken over by Melville

obscene quality of lyric

charcoal describing log it was

familial viridian enzyme

orthodox lobby draft

sick opposing sickness chaos

calm and clear disregard

empty seat ripped open

volume at common stage

occult cigarette down front

fixation as violent process

parallel to weak command

rotating ball through depression

discreetly caressing itself

detaching cause and effect

from elixir of tablet

left out in the sun too long


Wave by wave mentioned
hope left woman as poet
did shore communication

Diving there one piece goes
with oceanic in body like a
record of leisure wasted

Other concerns deliberate
water flow against house
whose foundation is angry

Could it be the occupant
admits unfortunate labeling
both detours with pride?


Drill for influence when politics and you can’t find available

Your landlord objects but is overruled by ultraviolet
circulating through a contraption created with spare parts
lodged in crevice taught during recess along with chemistry
of society psychosis.

Fatigue absorbs slaves next door that won’t let anyone sleep.

Wagons roll across divide to eavesdrop on desire getting
bored while conjuring present avoided.

Cryptic escorts impossible through conversation and small
slays an elephant in reply.

«±  ±»

spenser selby has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 25 years.  During that time he has published seven poetry books, three collections of visual work and a classic study of Film Noir. He edited a poetry magazine,  started a book press and coordinated The Canessa Park Reading Series in North Beach. In 1993 he created The List of Experimental Poetry/Art Magazines,  which on the Web has become an important source of information for innovative writers around the world.