kristin palm

from City of Circumstance

alluvial earth                           assembly line

geodiferous limestone            urban renewal

lias limestone                          what’s good for _________

salt                                           is good for the nation

quicksand                               police raid on a blind pig

yellow clay                              you are here    •

a language

like all languages





city of accumulation

city of lack


a one-horse town
a limiting case

                                                                                                               city of erasure
                                                                                                               city of weight

Things I loved:

the river
the library
Dally in the Alley
empty buildings
knowing people everywhere (& liking them)
Ford-Wyoming Drive-in
old socialists
sitting under I-94 overpass
biking on Belle Isle
feeling invincible

                                                                             Things that scared  me:

                                                                             wild dogs
                                                                             Constance getting punched on the bus
                                                                             expensive homes on shitty streets
                                                                             Workers World Party
                                                                             Parker Foods

and yet the city exhibits grace warrants blessing it is when it is stripped laid bare that it is most worthy of being exalted of being loved

love is form, and cannot be without/important substance – Olson


                         city of reluctance
                         city of pallor
                         city of invention
                         city of necessity 
                         city of conscience

the city as linguistic act

the city is a linguistic act

a city       a linguistic act



the gulf between us

yet structures exist

no space disappears completely

                                                                                                         (no body)

«±  ±»

kristin palm's writing has appeared in LVNG, Bird Dog, Spinning Jenny, Chain and the Faux Press anthology Bay Poetics. A full-length work, The Straits, is forthcoming from Palm Press in 2007. She lives in San Francisco.




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