t  o  m  o  r  a  n  g  e

from Seed Source


first source the seed then sunk, a safe built taste to trunk or heave, pressed
against and folded in turns, a table widened out of flat draft sought first,
joining traces in filament burst, troughed particular, engines a dust

in candored mass of articulation, lifted in kind, the like of twin bested, a
more natural interior to twist, carved breakage of bulk, puzzled off in
prize, an active fraction hidden in the provision al place of trust

its strident twin, doubled undertakings a summons of silt, there sunk in
production, deft clusters a cleave in trust, the simpler stops of cease, a
trade in hammered mends, the supple earth opening stone acceptance

honing subtends a credit missed, a shirking or structure of mission, the
pull towards a sequence, chained in shaken stirrings, sound furnishings the
fresher instinct, taken of blend or filmed through, tougher amendment

a reminder us, local heft drawn to a beginning, pulse or partial diffidence,
an adaptation claimed, distribution spared in bundles of its sheer blank
stammering, fallen back at the wound trials, close in spent compulsion

small collar to admit in accessible descent, trivial apparatus, a measure of
surety cleaving, the radial saturation undertow, its attribute as curl, a full
circulation of margins, thrown to the dislocation brink, abandoned patch of





thought to admit, the accretion sedimented across, heart sinking into the
opening brought to saline basin, an interval saved in plucks, patient stutters
a whirl of admits, used to softening in shapes, a curl in thirst and closed

a crisper soak in passage preferred to abandon, a kind of wound trust
siphoned off of jest, taken at once burned through, enveloped a cleave to
smaller trace, to have been harbored an obstacle lowered on every stave

a contention of limit, concretion thrown in mixtures swopping surface, the
tumult of drone cycles cultivated nearer, furnishing ever subtles from, a
pattern disexacted porous in finer onset, glistened bite at whim patterning

a wonder of trust chased off, in sudden gusts a hand obliged to shell,
breaks twisting the shallows, nurtured furtherance to settle whole,
saturation of every obstacle to draw, a tubed patch of completion between

brought to the increasing, blanched abscess in the mends, its irregular
trench tossed aloft, plummeting vows thought dormant less taken, an
active reach around its cost, different centerings received an settled

the drop spent perfect, nesting its sheer claims paced fully, brought back
alone favorable, slowering the common impacts, a material to trap close,
widening wastes ever proved aside to disperse, measured down and surer



stability of dispersals apparent, a grid of fronts fastening decline,
beginning in sheer currents of solid mass retains, found out in descriptions
faltering at the wall, solely reachable hence taking registers in

something of an inward shuttle, latent virtues at the onset, a spread of
distrust, mounting ferments, pressed levering under, a crease of patience,
bypass filter no longer flowed across, in pleads an accumulation of fronts

surface errors refused in train, a siphon of heeds, faster mass assassin,
depositions mince yields, in periods a straddled horizon, turf cluster
flashpoints, dead end domicile to surround, phantom detox headwind

inducements of the global hollow, a share in gradation groupings, original
yield in reserve, fractioned at core until missed, stirring draft of obtains,
might spread model sands scarcely baled out, outlasted fad branch bins

sediment scaled to need, hurl in solution grid, followed in pace of harm, an
additive soak nesting, despite the normal deficit, solid dish pathways,
crammed bulwark pocket, cancelled transience brightening of stimulus

gained in the elemental happens beside, out turned tremor off the flats,
masters in seed lung simulcast, adjacent to scale of bold pleads, a present
virtue in tone, wound sieve currented zone, internal slip in observation

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TOM ORANGE lives and writes in Washington, D.C.