a m b e r n e l s o n

The Gravity

                       when you blame the passage of rocks,
the echo beyond which affords hard voice

           the orchestra at the pier, the casual friendship that calls forth
the circle that ladders into being thought born, the coil
among dizzy crutches, the long falling

          roused as love in the canneries
          roused from the gardens     tomatoes
and part, still, the parted thick where the core plays

the coda of pleasure, tooth after night fights down the defined
argument of motion, into or out of the wire of shimmering messages,

mirror to one city, fist to the other, lyric that holds forward
upon pieces of goldening.

            thus I decline the reflection of dead; I have believed.
from the bedroom of your object temple formed, you worship

             toothpick   mobile   button   wagon

all that precious junk
all those aimless signals.

Our Bodies Are

Open upon reservoirs, bolted oceans drilling into entry silhouettes, arced risks, elusive.
Ushering remains buried over dented impulses.  Envisioning synchronicity.Axing restricted elaborations.
Reminding below our delays, inside equidistant snowflakes.  Amorous rib, ensnared .

Biting order, drowning impression.  Emerging, softening and revealing eloquence.
Offering doorways in exchange.  Safe, altering rickety empires,
declining into, sloping asunder, revising entanglements.
Intrusion elicits, salvation arrives, rising essays
ecstasy.  Sinking around rapture, enveloping
sound, arching ripple.  Eluding

armor, resolving escape,
resounding, enticing,

Human Voices

Hours unarm metal. Asylum: nuance versing outlets. Iambic capture, elliptical socket
unbound, mouthed anomie, now verity. O icebox cracking empires, steep
my answer, notch verbs on inflating carbine, endeavor such
awareness. Nuke vacant overtures in corpulent esquires. Solemnify
night vellum, oared inland, cringing.  Expect stem

verging on injury. Cork enameled sorrow.
Oil idiosyncratic.  Cinder east.  Solve,
if crisp escalators sound
crisp.  Envy synapse,
echo, sweeping

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ambernelson currently lives in Seattle.  She works three crappy njobs, spending what little free time 
she has writing and sleeping.




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