s  a  w  a  k  o  n  a  k  a  y  a  s  u


How refreshing  (breath)  to  take  up/   a man  /  with a stone on  his  hand  (breath) not/heart. The blue / he caught seems to avert from the eyes /   no  sooner than he removes his  fist  from his shy (sigh) pocket.What is this  (sway) what is this thing they call (no they call)  glitter  what  is  this  glittering the insides  of my clothes  (close)  what is this lining the depths of  my jacket  (close tie)  what  is this line where does it reach outward or intowards what color whose eyes  (the   blue  he  caught) where we went freshing for pitches and canned them  (dear fruit)  and sealed them  (to go) and held them  (held pitches)  fine bubbles (held pitches) to the  landing (held pitches) in our palm  (in his palm)  and we  breathed (breathed pitches)of blue (blue pitches) still  holding  still  holding and  pitching  and lining and catching and this  thing they call glitter (ittering in blue)  and this   thing  they  call  glittering (breath)   and this thing they call  breathing glittering and holding,  the pitch that it makes  while burning  (burned pitches),  the blue of the burning, the blue of  the  pitch burning the blue of the pitch  burning turning breathing  (breathing) on his hand  (hand), in the key off (fire), her fire, her hand, her fire blue, stone
                                                                                                     (on his h


and  the  first  thing  to  minding is always the cold and the damper. The cold and dampid of last week’s sweat. The cold and damped first-time dumpee  and the cold  damprue  rowing in morning fog  the  cold dampent edge  of  lonely  car  parked  overnight ad  hoc  the cold  dam  neath the fing  (her nails), or all todamper in the morning the break pause the evener meal in the aftermath of wetgate. The cold of a. The dead amp of a well let’s just burn—

Transport Stipulation

Transport stipulation worries a lineup at the bus terminal, then at the entryway, then at the bus proper, though the bus is anything but proper. Those aiming for functions will be sorely disppointed.Those aiming for disappointment are also likely to be disappointed. All suspicious mouths are inspected for fire and other unpleasantries before any heads of any state are allowed through. Those whose mouths are on fire are laughed at cruelly and heartlessly all along the way. Each body part, however, is succeeded by a thermometer reading of said part, wherefore any and all feverish components of each passenger shall be caught up with, then blocked off at the threshold of first aggresion.

As body parts are isolated, then whisked off to be quarantined, a crowd of noses slowly accumulates, pressing haphazardly against windows, any window, any glass, looking, looking for the day, for a cover, if only to get out of this place.

Anger performance I

Leave  the  house  with  acoustic  guitar over the shoulder, slung, and walk as if, as if cool,  as in iss all cool,for the german homies

And only on a bright and shiny day

Walk until the path is crossed by an insect
(See appendix C regarding which insects are most appropriate)

At which point begin the documentation

At which point raise the gee-tar

High high overhead at a fairly steady clip

Document: h = height

Document: h of 1 thru 6 = height of each string of the guitar to the nearest micrometer relative to 0, where 0 = the ground directly underneath the feet of the insect

And then lower the guitar very very quickly in a smooth arc that shall culminate through the body of the insect, let’s say for example grasshopper or ladybug

The sound shall be documented with each of the strings isolated and all the gee-tar-generated sounds graphed separately from the grasshopper or ladybug-generated sounds. A verbal description, such as ‘The grasshopper or ladybug screams without shaking its fists in the air,’ may be included with the graph.

All documentation shall be produced and printed within the hour of incidence, one copy of which shall be mailed to the Office of Insect Harrassment, at which point a generic letter of apology shall be issued and mailed to the surviving spouse and children of the late grasshopper or ladybug, if any such creatures admit to partaking in such relations.

(Absolutely no one makes any amends to the guitar, itself a very loved and affected instrument, not pretty nor expensive, but loved all the same, destroyed all the same, sometimes having been accused of making a sound similar to that of love.)

SAWAKO NAKAYASU's books include So we have been given time  Or, (Verse, 2004) Nothing fictional but the accuracy or arrangement (she, (forthcoming from Quale Press, 2005) and Clutch  (Tinfish chapbook, 2002). More information is available at  http://www.factorial.org/sn/sn_home.html