b o b m a r c a c c i


G Whiz

regular and noggy
grommet regurgitant
gangly grimoire engager
among the straggly-ended
glib and gibbet giblets

gobstuck and raggedy and-y
and repugnant dogleg
at the hog of the g-spot
grinning and bearing grit
goody gumdrop triggering
promulgation program and grim

shooting the gif and gism
of big G organism
great goggled ogler and bugle bungler
grumbling boggle and bunjee germinator
coagulating Gershwin and erstwhile
gyrations and greed-ingrated godless cog
in the bob-gonzo grease and gills
of star-spangled grammar

no-frills purge wills the grove

groaning longer long ago go-go
in a galaxy far far agape
a young toggler gurgled in the gene pool
drool in the grueling dregs
niggling for his soggy apogee on the log

I and I

idiot little bugger
superfly most high and my my my
i want it
cubing the two b itinerary of bob
i¹m your service
at making a trinity of myself my highness
you b who we b like
two b
i wore to the ball
a bib for the infectious feast
not a bust
iconoclast chrysalis on ice
a cry in the nice rastafari
clasping isotope in the low gripe of ides
feeling wild and skyward in the lye
libelously blinding
reeling myopic π
a number nigh my own
eye-hole in the dire circus
three-ringed iteration
binary bicycle in this crystal crisis
no butterfly strike
pedaling toward Isis
the perfect highway of misdirection and mild diarrhea
a unifying eye-lid
we look for


dameless jade
in the true gay sensate
of mulberry jerry this jam
a jumbled musical jab
badgering frank frisk in a just jiffy
with spiffy matching towels
jiggers of jack d. and jim b.
jealously jest or jet set
randy jalopy rollicking penury
jugular juggler in the juniper swoon of bloopers
jerrymanderer in a jurisprudent circlejerk
let me jog your memory
blue-jay platter in a birdy jazz
marking the jot and plotting
jason argonaut the sonic voice
in the absence absinthe

a hung jury
injurious jeer
month of summons
pumping my homo mojo and pin-cushion jujube
in the furious jolly ranch ajar
jailing joint and on point
joy etude
join me jude
froggy in the leap high jungle funk
my juicy little junebug
when i say jump
flash badass jack with a hump in it
before he starts in with those banjo jackanapes again

K Ode

know well this crock that is crooked
this stink in your sink
your knucklehead ilk in the silkless bilk of fickle tricksters
coddling wunderkind
hickory dickory dock codex

KO dependent
in a kleptic fissure
OK cadence

knock yourself out time-killer

sometimes silencer psyche
sporting kobold demarcations in a king syndrome
whack in a supermack cape
fagging-out with Kool Menthol
knighting the kale principles in this capitulation kick
captain cock-­a-doodle-doo
a broken hero decayed
the mouse ran up the clock
demarcate historic crazes
keying decades long fakers in a cakewalk
case by case in time¹s crinkle
the clock struck one
winning award kryptonite and top-flight spunk

cuckoo flak squandering luxury clack
basket clandestine picnic bickerer
in triplicate
the mouse ran down
if i had a nickel for every cornhusk in the wallow tallow and tuck
of bumfuck wicket lackeys
barring bifurcation exaggeration
and cagey kerosene kitsch
my kind cuckold in this clutch
of ruckus and tumble chunk
clunks and hunkers up as it likes
hickory dickory dock

bobmarcacci is a San Francisco State University graduate and native Californian 
living and writingin Beijing, China, his poems have appeared in many print and
electronic publications around the world. Recent work of mine has appeared in
Ghoti, Poems Niedergasse and Tin Lustre Mobile.