{talk of oil and elevation}

those weeks a giant poodle on the corner    
we’ve asked and passed     reassured by the window    
it seems in a certain populace 
alpha pets in the dumpster     this is a real cherry    
and the New Year begins
bail and slower
good friend an article     there are years of speech therapy   
she sits down with a plan of recounting near misses    
possible fatal encounters that may not be avoided       
you wrote out     two pins     outward
slug     gloss     whiskers
new drop in

{our business with her}

her trills undone
endless circling and
gift giving yes
you have to
attend some lyrics     
I spare happy     
big fat girl    
I am dissolve    
perfectly you are
perfectly aware essentially     
the other stuff     
in terms of
pages I started 
turned perpetual boredom
in stretch fabric


{happily perforations}

enjoyed the narrative shift    
straight into possibility of
historical the idea of
small is true (flair)
for women's activities collapse
exact size of thighs
throw suitcase in trunk    
because everyone is coming    
caught shoulders caught assembled    
even in town I wonder this entire page     
want her horses on
sticky velvet still idea
and space might be     
snakes aren’t hard to
come by quietly premised    
the acids are limited    
several abrupt e-mail configurations

Dragon from an ordinary well

The conditioners and the conditioned
otherwise left alone
to a third person
tend to bet on anything

Obliged to observe
at the same time
oddly limited

It isn’t practical to wear
under the heel of evil
architects of the effort
such freedom

Drive up prices
think of the movie
twenty-four pages
my sister and me

Albany is a state capital
measures of violence
try suspicious thought

When the red ink began
there would be no secrets
in short
a repairman up the roof

There is no equivalent of delays

«±  ±»

sarahmangold's work appears in the Chicago Review, Colorado Review, 26, 580 Split and Pom2. Her first book, Household Mechanics (New Issues, 2002) was selected by C.D. Wright for the New Issues Poetry Prize. Chapbooks include Boxer Rebellion (g o n g, 2004) and Blood Substitutes (Potes & Poets, 1998). She currently lives in Seattle, where she publishes Bird Dog, a journal of innovative writing and art (www.birddogmagazine.com).