anne heide

Shut Like a Clam, Yours Truly

This is where you wonder
where did the man come from
but under you, damp.


He wants to talk about it again, like your
agile eyes and burrowing water.


He is not your practice

now and now he is your


and little patience


Make the mistake that
he'll trade or take it back, his left

and oh


Take care, and

take out your hairs           one

by one


There are bees here and thieves
and we don't like any one of them.

Crease your shirt now, and like it

This is where I am at night
getting your book all wet.

Boys on the porch are
and boys on the porch
getting sick

from the small things
they give each other. This
is where we are at night

with the doors closed
getting everything
soaked together and
the boys make their

tongues dry. And hold
watching each other
bangs wet on their
faces and pockets

full of each other. With
this gurgling in their
throats' take my

hair off and throw

Spilled to one side you're there

Like coins she was

               down over
               the ledge?

       Less than this and

because she
has hands
               let's say you do

and I can't help myself
but from talking to you
even though she's there

       with a bucket shucking
       pennies off from their shells,



The Man is Tired, Again

There are reasons
the man wants to
sleep in your bed.

Moths and sheets.

And the television is
always on and snowy.

Covered in snow
because this city
is cold.

And his face looks
like it has melted over him.

The city.

The shoulder and the wave are the same

The man is in the water again so
let's find him there


with his clothes on so
neatly like he never
neatly bought them

in the first place.


Little wet coat and
who is on the shore
there you

in the house and
the man has crutches
so you say let
him swim with


The man's mother is
making noise
again and all
in the oven she
says as she takes
his socks off


like she never
stitched them
in the first place.

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anne heide edits CAB/NET out of Denver. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in H_NGM_N, Ur Vox, Cranky, The Tiny, and Glitterpony, among others. She is currently working towards her doctorate in English and Creative Writing at Denver University.




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