mike hauser

Our Memories of Food & Ghoulies

piano for zoos & ghouls
dubbed most pellegrinist

capital eyes on the water
as it is under some goofy

cables & spires built around
this ocean or that one, look

you confound a thing not to be
on a blue paper that looks nice

with a heron with a sore throat
sing for it of cough medicine

o cold needles by teal green
water in the clubhouse of poets

a trattoria wing blue touches
this bumpy brown side of the library

we write poems that might be great
knock on wood if we can say great!

italicize & add gravy to mashed potatos
so aesthetic beneath so many lamps

a wavy horn rimmed sunset
I'm sorry to say "I like Dances

With Wolves" when I'm in this mood
and the dip is any color you want

and you want the streaming water
without its blubbering doggerel

that started to sound like Lorca
can one really start to sound like Lorca?

don't say duende to Jonathan Mayhew
it annoys him but I'm Swiss about it

with Gertrude Stein one gets the idea
and fruition (and fruit) of food

that is profound but beyond being
beyond any pictures or recollections

of Julian cabbage or Masala this
Masala that one thinks one is cheap

a lonely friend with left over m&m's
then Weldon Gardner Hunter's new poem

comes in and sits down like any poem should
it has Allen Ginsberg "trattoria blue"

Big Ups To Charles Reznikoff

Harry Crane from haiku, Jack Kerouac
Imagists and Lola rummaging through
The Art of Living "abandon" such big
Second Wave violent nature
the longest work ever published
on a Digital Camera
riffle the pages of this Ebenezer
US-amerikanischer Poet
Perhaps such a thing ghetto-bred and
re-working Big-Boss-Philosophie
Dahinter versteckt der Mann sein
One-Act Adaptations of Folktales
1963-1983 turning his name into
Beemer Minutia Celebrity Big Brother
The black back-ups; POETRY
quite the contrary with trunks,
from the big screen to
The Racy Pin-Ups
Anthony Hecht Charles Olson big blue SUV
magazine, folio; usually old & big
[the DADA server] Postmodern Paper Generator
regardless of how from various standpoints
Canadian locations via podcast
GMTProfessor Groove & DJ Static
ear-trumpet. for a young non-practising pre-big-bang
just through the use of his sad blue pre-big-bang

Bird Flu Battleship Romance

Take pastorals, "take my wife"
finish up then close up my garage
Its noon on television Its Christmas on CNN
whiter than an important elbow

we have our hollyhocks to thank
for a creeping bird flu
sunk my battlship I won't
die of anything I know about

I admire forest rangers oh Dolly,
send a me scone thru the internet
My prose is increasing in slackness
I'm letting out enough rope to
channel the feelings people felt
during the 20's & 30's, I learned it
on late night PBS

the bird flu thought, "There's a whole
world out there I gotta see" We ran
like hell into a wall of good feeling

some animals recognized us
at the gate, I climbed into a
duller escape pod than was issued
by the commitee


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mike hauser has had work in gam and Fell Swoop. He publishes a lit magazine called Dodo bird.




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