h  a  s  s  e  n

word I('m forgetting 

        forget information
        regarding definition
        like ambiguity
        regarding physical pleasure
        disregard semiosis
        like "come back
        from the light
        /dark canal"
        need context
        like : here
        che guevera
        never remember
        how it's said
        how it's done
        like that sapping and solving

did you ever tell me the title of your painting you gave me  i don’t recall saw a ghost in your brother’s posture from the side not too much stress or don’t try too hard whatever that means or in other words take care or it the anything important will fall through you know the cracks what are the odds that more than one superstring connects us in such disparate planes the way the sun’s schemes fall on us and catch in this utterly unique movement as if the spectrum changes at every breath or just every breath of course it does photons are not recycled & nobody has your expired exuberant grin certainly not with the same tilt of chin as in these letters of ours encrypted packets of us rerouted collected & reconstructed my teleported brain insists on working out landscape puzzles reframing living spaces to sssuit my chest on the verge of weeping from shock of a good life and the familiarity of our distance you write me from your library say old fogey & might never see you again but in my mind you know & i keep seeing you tony the brazen stick in the world’s ass & every nurse’s & bob i watch your painting every blasted morning from my bed some days these tiny holes in the blinds project a perfect miniaturization of tree branch shadows swaying across each tiny circle of light across your painting of flesh clockworks love there i said it 

soil with homegrown

for Don Riggs

peach today for lunch

eve's hypotheses creep skin

suffuse sugarcane and lemon

final flaw of self-question

basil flower and water

something about broken yokes

cranberry juice and goat cheese

manipulate my corpse with foot
        dig it!

strawberry rhubarb pie
        indulge me!

HASSEN lives & writes in the philadelphia area. Her chapbooks include Sky Journal: from Land, Sky Journal: from Sea, Salem for Belladonna* and Crabapples with the Philly Sound Poets for Furniture Press. Poems have also been in fine places like Skanky Possum, Nedge & Frequency audio journal.