from Life As A Crossword Puzzle

3. Down

Beyond the screen door,
busy with unshaved men.
up minivans
tear down avenues,
tinted windows
with bumperstickers
reading  –
“Fight Terrorism:
Eat at Denny’s.”

13. Across
for James Riber

The conversation ends with a sigh.
Enough is enough.

The emptiness of a white room
passes time like solitaire.

Nothing will ever be as it once was,
when we listened to music backwards
and dreamed of making love to the police.

Tonight, the television plugs the World Series –
the elevator is cluttered with cancer patient footprints

and on the fourth floor, grandpa is plugged with pins
on his deathbed.

The Inner Voice of Dog Trainers

I too will shed tiny black hairs
I too will slobber on squeaky, polka dot toys


dog, things make no difference


you are not in the doghouse
you are not in the electro-fenced-in-yard


this life is composed
of nametag dishware, carbon dioxide
and invigorating tastebuds


the dog breathes: de ja vu –
a moment is a moment is a moment

and then the blinking cataracts

«±  ±»

noah falck's  work has appeared or is forthcoming in Good Foot, Bat City Review , Redivider , and Piplit.  Other portions of Life As A Crossword Puzzle can be found in Backwards City ReviewH_NGM_N and Can We Have Our Ball Back. He presently teaches language development in an elementary school in Dayton ,Ohio .