from "'To see you naked is to recall the Earth.' —Federico García Lorca — at This Branch Bends Toward Sunrise."

one body is not enough to view the sun-broken morning, one memory is weakened by the evasion of darkness, one seed is the beginning of the pomegranate grove

one entanglement nudges loverly hope freeze, one exquisite meal served by candlelight scares away the sadness singing, one errant aril tossed on gravel grows

one bottle of gin is not an eraser, one tough week does not dawdle on its way out, one more push east with the jet stream strangling

one bass line lingers, one iron-stained crystal-studded rock keeps secrets well, one wish per penny please, one more hot cocoa in cobalt glass

one finger where it has never been, one morning waking up together ever after, one time seeing you in the clear vision of all possible wonders

one tree begins tomorrow’s wilderness, one twang skunks the shaky stomach of not knowing, one wonders when one ought to be living

one breath on the inhale, one skin to contain all liquids and bones and thoughts, one bunch of kale still green midwinter

one false move is still moving, one asterisk marks more than footnoted backstory, one slice of sour cherry pie a la manhole cover’s waning crescent

one price for vulture’s vantage, one word for word, one pattern repeating a half-sung song written by h.d.’s jellyfish

one grain of trust for another, one paper pusher salutes another fast walker, one instance of sweet fruit forgotten on a high cupboard shelf

one couple wanders freely akin to wonder, one tablespoon of turmeric and a slight drip of warm milk, one wrong move righted

one won wan once, one trip around the mulberry bush, one very sweet poem whispered from inside an epiphany



ROBIN F. BROX is the author of Sure Thing (BlazeVOX 2011), founder of Saucebox Book Arts, a feminist micropress, and a graduate of SUNY – Buffalo & The University of Maine – Orono. POMEGRANATES, a collection of poems, prints, & photographs, is forthcoming from Xexoxial Editions.