Nearing Second Sight

A gobstopper if you will
call it that for another infra
sectionary reading and allow
certain obvious traits to surface
from the receptacle. It pulses.
How fast is your web connection

The loose comparative adjunct
leaves the fist caught in the turnstile
acquisitively closed down instructions
now put your blinkers over the
nibbled cuticle. A bead of sweat runs

Swung from tramlines you’ll get your
It is better to remain acquiver
than never to ejaculate at all.
Try observational processes, therapy
trained on a pinprick turned to a
spot leading onto cursory signals.

The necessary faculty to display to qualify
is to blink in time to be mistaken for
dead. Conspiratorially speaking, the
wires cut. The optic nerve
pauses for a second before

turning the machete onto
Scenes from Childhood and watching
the sunset as little more
than the remains of the
chiliasts. The ichthus left unjointed.

Descriptive progress at odds with
the cathode tube. Traditional
masochism to the eye is only
a matter of course, she was never
his doppelganger only his fuckbuddy.

A gamble to escape unseen
heart to eyeball pounding light
the footed treadmill draws on to
take another go at signature classes
for the unrepressed conscience activating

annaticehurst, born: 1986, currently studying in Brighton at the University of Sussex.
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