from Punk Faun: a bar rock

Patrons of poetic invention demand!

in whatever attitude and ways you please, have to fight fiercely
with a lascivious crowd of fauns, satyrs and several thousand cupids

Patrons of poetic invention demand!

some swimming through the river
some flying
some riding upon white swans

I am sending you these details in a small drawing, so that with both the written
description and the drawing you will be able to consider my wishes in this
matter. But if you think that perhaps there are too many figures in this for one
picture, it is left to you to reduce them as you please 
[. . .] If no inconvenience
occurs I shall consider myself well satisfied; you are free to reduce them, but
not to add anything else. Please be content with this arrangement.
                                                                         Isabella d’Este to Perugino

small wax models define the muscalature of attitudes struck
someone nearby looks up pertinent actions attempts escape

or accepts confinement in an ideal plaster écorche with lids
a foreshortened future in a stripped monochrome drips up

against gravitational pull or manners an easily recognised
pout stylish beside itself flaying gestures ornate to ceiling

Stubbs sticks to horses envious as a Real Work of Art trots
by and the sinews wilt among materially assumed set ups

and learned behaviours that bring flesh upon you by the
book unleashed incite and overturn battered to a cod-face

or found floating in vats of abstraction all flap anatomy
and fugitive sheets hidden beneath emotional zones mapped

and covered by the skin of public transports an anatomical
study of the swooning virgin supported by two holy women

takes the escalator in search of famous states-of-mind districts
and is disappointed by the lack of opportunities for concrete

interventions there is the use of ropes and pulleys for support
in tiring or difficult poses, the classical lycra sheen body that

opens with a hinge is set on silent mode so as not to disturb
those in the bleachers worried about missing a single strike

offering leaves plastic tabling decoration
sold wealthy in gratuities dumbed spread

without funds for
an altar
hung on trees by

an industry of mannequins
dressing windows showy
with crystal limbs
suspended        in pursuit tearing clothes

aggregate of form dissolves right sided
in wax or dressed saved from attempts
on life
imitations spread cloned
tourists at feet
up on the bloodied
strewn ex votos lap

principle of a plane then lines drawn hover
hooded outlines at the bus stop ran watery

system of a naked body measured front

put   eyes  nose  mouth and ears at the

right measured places various figures
in lead white corrected
   correct mistakes

contracted out pigment by pigment
how much gold how much lapis lazuli

a family of private commissions walls
around the garden sourced from films

or in repro of the presentation of the
virgin at the temple standing in line

to pay in a cheque at the bank or a
delicate stay at home carving fruit

stones a young woman not excellent
only in household matters the whole

passion on a peach-pit unrequited spat
framed by a handy Old Testament quote

reluctantly paid for

two sibyls
two angels and one
relief on August 4th 1526

retired devoted to copper engraving
without reproach


's publications include Book of The Fur, Rem Press (Cambridge, 2000), Secure Portable Space, Reality Street (Hastings, 2004), Here Are My Instructions, Gefn Press (London, 2004). Punk Faun: a bar rock pastel is forthcoming in 2007. She is a lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London where she is the course director for the MAin Poetic Practice. She is the editor of
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