Judgement Call (mono-routed)

To contain fractal factors but
be confident enough to second-split and react
(ready flow-chart innate):
      yes      or        no.

How many routes are missed
spaghetti-splayed now in the groaning past?
We continue picking at the simple
hair’s breadth thread of our uncompromising decision(s).

Bristol Children’s A&E 1

there ma!
raayer, raayer, rah, rah
ee’s goin’ is ee?
ow come ee looks like ee-or?
that’s what it’s like when you’re that age
that’s to be
Mum. Mum. An-No!
Whoo-upe! Oh dear
Ma. MMM. Naughty!
Right wait two minutes, Joe.
where’d that man go oo was over there?
where’d that man go oo was over there?
where’d that man go oo was over there?
Raarr? What’s granma got fer you? Wow, lak?
Thank-you. Bye-bye.
did you see a coffee anywhere nearby?
You’re break.
Up! , brew, brrreew, brrrrrrrr – god ee’s star-ed now?
Goodness me, 16 months!
AoooAooAooAhh. Ahhhhh!

Bristol Children’s A&E 2

Yah ahhh ahhhh
look mummy, look!
there are so many people in here
this one, love
walk away, jus’ walk away.
He said twenty minutes and that was five minutes ago
what d’you want, orange? whadueewaaant?!
ooops…it’s late…just dropped
abby dyah ya bear?
uhh…over there.
Can you jump on there for me sweetheart?

garethfarmer is a DPhil student at the University of Sussex and lives in Hove, East Sussex. He also works in the university library. Gareth grew up in Bristol, attended Goldsmiths College, London for his BA and then traipsed back to Bristol University for his Master’s. Whilst studying, he worked in mental health care homes and in the Bristol Children’s A&E department, from whence material was culled. He very much enjoys the works of Anthony Burgess, Wood Allen and Walter Benjamin. Gareth wrote his first poem at the age of sixteen with the aid of an unwitting muse. Twelve years later, Gareth continues to write in various modes.

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