Negative Entropy

1 Arrival, Departure

epic/entre of hail
         in spring dublin.
         smell: sun.

oppo(site) (dire)ction.
         coach digital (numb)ers:
         flicker-twitching red bars.

person you are sitting on/with.
         longing: near ‘home’.

th(ink) of last p(air) 
          of jeans unmarried;

think of last piece
         of dead animal eaten.

con(verse) b(eaten)-up –
         broken teeth:
         better smile.

unknown secret(e) dates: [deleted].

(cur)rent mental (b)(lock): unknown.

wearing red socks or cats.
         cat’s bed/(sheet skin):


2 Morning, First Day

a: a light to be caught in/on.

face-tied place;
         back in, dipping.

syrup hair.
         ‘home’ friends.

attractive: not not my face
         in shaving cream.

a shower with–
         what's hidden
         under that coffee?

taste tastes.
         it’s currently hair/time . . .

spoon-left tea-rings on the stainless
         draining board.

think instrument.
         wish for more fire,
         fine sil(t/k).

you day: every day.
         we smile; her scent:
         so long.

in either talk, home/made laugh.
         what is your [deleted]?
         I ask.

last death: b/rain cell.

3 Night

night: which eyes
         do you need?

bed/room fun: slide
         along your favourite
         draw, down.

         drool on a (sleeping pill)ow.

picture in the room.
         shadow meniscus
         spans the wall.

flood/light on the field through
         vert\izontal sky-light.

thunder/storm: darkening clouds,

         s(tar)s: red lyric desire.

street/lamp vapour leaking
         through curtain cracks.

    sleep, like a tomb/stone.

animosity scent,
         s(ink)-d(rain) away the time;
         so sour.


4 Recurring Nightmare

I have an entire box-fit of travelling.
         (one look fits all.)

nothing c(hanged); the stone/brick
         skin of buildings, people;

eye caused a laugh –
         would they laugh at
         a person of stone?

general face feeds them well;
         for me, empty.

narrow roads, minds.
         systematic roughening
         of skin.

everything-player; nothing-status.
         remember: finger
         up the universe.

termite infest swarm –
         chewing ankles,

         three no-one’s died.
         seen: smoke stone.

wake-up, my head
         half a pillow.

it’s not really morning:
         it’s a secret.


In a regressive state – sep(i)a/rate;
lay legs, to waste, to wait. Hasty marking
the adventure line against forest/field of her skin,
sunlight raised and bottled by a child
relatively near her. Relatively taken for granted,
marksmen shoot and warm up for the season
delay. Tight, plastic loops around fingers,
and sailed to the sea of I Don’t Want
to Know Anymore. Alone binge limitation
moment; sea clarity, see with clarity,

Shoot, straw shot straight out of the girl’s
mouth at lightspeed. Sleeves raise revealing fresh
flesh, relatively. Timed interval, careful; then
blood race as sun sinks, dinner wails. Shout
for her return. Get away, flee, free; wind
through unbrushed hair. Bounce over rock
after rock. Wafting summer sunshine from bee

Lively strawberry-polished toenails
b/rushing through grassy undergrowth;
steps out-of-bounds to the sound of a cricket.
Limit flagged, literally, but only relatively.
Singing a sweet whisper, tune induces tweet
and echoes as one with surroundings. Sees a fox,
quicker than she – young fur flying
under twine fence; then, rising over
orange-framed sun,

the infinity of a butterfly

kevindoran’s poetry, flash fiction, articles, reviews, and (digital) photography/art are published or forthcoming in 2008 Anthology of Younger Poets, Dwarf Stars Anthology, Mustachioed, World Haiku Review, elimae, Otoliths, Unpleasant Event Schedule, iota, zafusy, and others. He was recently nominated for a 2007 SFPA (Science Fiction Poetry Association) Dwarf Stars Award. Visit his blog for more info, and general updates:
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