doe in late oestrus
resonance of forest greens
stags groan grown anew


a much anticipated moment
blotched because I saw her


as I lay myself upon you
seeing all of that
attention to creases


A sky
unique but not unusual
overlooks English folk
who roll fields into whorls

await a winter
that always comes

tina bass was born in Hampshire, England in 1970.  Her father was a Drill Sergeant in the Coldstream Guards and her mother fitted tops onto spray-cans for Johnson’s Wax.  Her early childhood was spent in Slough, Wimbledon, Camberley and Berlin.  She is a member of Soundswrite, Leicester and can often be seen performing her poems at the Barlow Theatre, Langley, Birmingham (Purple Patch). She currently lives in Warwickshire with her husband and twin sons. Fat Man Dancing was published in January 2006 by Poetry Monthly Press, Nottingham. Mechanical Expressions is due for publication in Sept 2007 by Writers Forum, Surrey.

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